Hotel, by Arthur Hailey, Book Report

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Hotel Summary Arthur Hailey book has Hotel written in 1965 is one of his popular novels. This book is deep in details, background information themes as well character development. It gives clear and precise insights during a five-day period in the life of an untimely 1960s independent, glamorous hotel in New Orleans that is encountering several challenges.


The text's setting is in a hotel. The hotel has a mortgage, which puts its management on a financial crisis. This is the basis of the book. It intertwines a multitude of sub-plots, which are a significant part of the story as they combine fabulously in the climax into one formidable ending. The book tackles relevant American civil rights issues at the time, as well as hotel merging versus operating independently. The St. Gregory is a splendid, conservative five-star hotel owned by Warren Trent. Warren’s family built the hotel eighty-five years ago. Currently it is seen as a put away to olden times, for its bosom as well as damaging. The hotel is in problems financially and needs a foremost influx of capital to keep it buoyant (Kasavana and Richard 403). The hotels troubles are obvious in the professional world, and despite it not being officially on sale, it has begun to attract interested buyers. S real estate buyer wants to buy the hotel and rip it off. He also anticipates a proposal from O’Keefe who is boarding in the hotel. The St. Gregory Hotel epitomizes the values of extravagance and generosity of the time. For a long time, the hotel has been losing money leading to Trent’s failure to renew the mortgage. ...
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