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Tourism And Environment [Student’s Full Name] [University’s Full Name] [Day Month Year] TOURISM Tourism is a major industry for many of the countries. Their economies are thriving on it and major share of GDP comes from this industry. Today countries have started to join the rat race to enjoy the benefits that come up with tourism.


Every country is trying to increase their own tourism industry to boost their foreign investments and increase their foreign reserves. Although countries trying to promote their tourism industry claim that they are doing it for the betterment of their country they fail to account for the environmental and the social changes that will follow. It has usually been seen that countries fail to account for the environmental changes that come to their country as a tag along gift with all those tourists coming in. The profits although apparently outweigh the cost that come with it, but the major issue is that the cost that is incurred has its effects in the long run. It has been believed that tourism as an industry can be controlled even at the international level. United Nations has formed a committee to foresee that tourism does not have any negative impact on the environment. They organized this “dialogue” so that countries all involved in this industry should come forward and pitch in ways to make tourism a safe industry and to reduce its adverse effects on the environment of the country. The forum includes government; respective ministries, local activist parties and international NGO’s that are working to protect the environment. ...
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