Brand image of Kenya as a destination.

Brand image of Kenya as a destination. Dissertation example
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Changes have occurred in the structure of the society as a result of more purchasing power in the hands of the people. This is one of the strong reasons that tourism worldwide has grown proportions.


With the aim to identify the image of and the potential of Kenya as a destination, three objectives were set in Chapter I. After extensive literature review, the methodology was stated in Chapter III. This was a quantitative study in which primary data was collected through survey questionnaires. The findings and conclusion have been presented below. The study concludes that Kenya offers various attractions such sports, adventure, nature-based holiday, wildlife and safaris and beach and cultural tourism. However, nature and wildlife tourism are the only ones that are largely advertised for as is evident from some of the brochures from different countries. The perception of Kenya in the minds of the people is that of a country with low cost of living, a country where theft and robbery is common, or a country that specializes in wildlife tours and nature-based tourism. Nowhere has beach tourism or cultural tourism been publicized. People derive their perceptions either through their own experience or through the media. The tour operators play a critical role in projecting the right image of any destination. The tour operators in turn, should be educated and familiarized with the destination by the host country government. The study concludes that Kenya carries a poor brand image in the minds of the people. The brand image can be enhanced through proper marketing strategy and through educating the tourists. ...
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