Alliances and the Airline Industry

Alliances and the Airline Industry Essay example
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EXTENT TO WHICH ALLIANCES HAVE BECOME A CHARACTERISTIC OF THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY Student name: Module Title: Module Code: Module Leader/Tutor: Date: Introduction An alliance is an agreement between two or more parties, made to advance common goals and secure, common interests.


Deregulation of the airline industry in the United States in 1978 led to the formation of the alliance. The deregulation was the most notable event that brought about the radical changes within the industry. M. Potter claims that Alliances are a means to extend or reinforce competitive advantage, and not a sustainable means of creating it. Oum, Taylor, and Zhang (1993) offer a universal definition: a worldwide airline network composed of a group of related airlines that provide services to consumers. They do so through a common computer system, automatic baggage transfer system, fares and ticketing, joint marketing, code sharing of flights and coordinated flight schedules. This paper will discuss the extent to which alliances have become a characteristic of the airline industry. Why did airlines come about? Deregulation of the airline industry lead to the formulation of alliances. The effects of deregulation were quick to filter though it took almost a decade for the European countries to follow. The airlines could now choose the ways they wanted to take and fix the prices as they found it fit without any regulatory interventions. It thus enabled airlines to work according to demand-supply and other market factors. Airlines gained their freedom, and they had to fend for themselves in taking careful steps in order to walk the paths of positive financial bottom lines. ...
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