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Sports and Tourism Annotated Bibliography Name School Institution References Daniels, M J. (2007). Central place theory and sport tourism impacts. Annals of Tourism Research. 34(2), 332-347. Daniels acknowledges that her main goal in this article was to discuss that using a central place theory can help people understand the location features that will impact economical outcomes if a sporting event is hosted in a particular area.


Daniels also recognizes that sports tourism is a realm to explore to increase an economic situation in a particular location. Adding sports teams or events to a geographic location can increase the local economy and will encourage spending in the area by those who are either participating or are spectators of the particular sporting event. She also adds that though some people like the idea of adding a sports team to their community for the entertainment value, it can be quite costly for the area. This is because a new stadium would have to be built and in turn, it could be publicly financed through taxation in the community. Therefore, this would, in theory, even out the economic status of an area. Though it increases visitors to come to watch a sports team play in a large new arena, it can hinder the local residents by having to deal with additional traffic, having to pay for law enforcement officers to work the events, and even having to contribute to the city through taxation to allow for various roads or whatever means it would take to create a stadium. While it stimulates local economy, it could also hinder it. Although Daniels acknowledges that many communities host sports events in one way to entertain, it is also to stimulate the local economy. ...
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