Human Resources Strategy in Multi Unit Service Organisations

Human Resources Strategy in Multi Unit Service Organisations Assignment example
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Human Resources Strategy in Multi-Unit Service Organisations Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Purpose of the Study 4 Human Resource Strategy in Hospitality Organisations 4 Role of Multi-Unit Manager in Hospitality Sector 6 Types of Manager 10 Challenges of Multi-unit Organisations 12 Human Resource Strategy in Westin Grand Hotel 13 The Harvard Model in Westin Grand Hotel 16 Role of Multi-unit Managers in Westin Grand Hotel, Munich 17 McKinsey’s 7s Framework in Westin Grand Hotel 20 Conclusion and Recommendations 24 References 25 Appendix: A 30 Introduction Traditionally, the hospitality industry mostly comprised of small and medium organisations, often administered by th


These hospitality chains are devoted to the long-standing business plan to global expansion, demonstrated by the numerous brands. These expansions have predictable outcomes for the organisational structure as the hospitality businesses are becoming increasingly large, multi-site corporations, regulating business operations and manipulating the supply chain from central production to arranged service distribution systems. This structural transformation resulted in a rising hierarchy of management in order to control complex network, including the selection of multi-unit managers (Goss-Turner, 1999). In present times, the hospitality sector is ruled by global brands and chains. The succeeding development of managerial structures and arrangements has been characterised by a prerequisite of ‘middle management layers’ with respect to multi-unit managers. ...
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