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Sports Tourism and Thanatourism

Those go against the society norms are considered outcasts. The rules laid by the society are most often universally accepted and believed to be correct. People believe that sharing morals and beliefs contribute significantly in making their making the society more stable. The moral guidelines are normally set by the dominant group within the community. Industrialization and emergence of urban centers have posed a great threat in maintenance of the society beliefs and morals. This has been brought about by the emergence of capitalism. The minor groups felt short changed and became a little rebellious. This theory was developed by Karl Marx who stated that the emergence of social classes such the capitalist, the working class and the labourers changed the political and religious structure of the society. The capitalists formed a new form of political structure abandoning the older form lay out during the era communism. Different forms of governance emerged in the third world countries. These forms of governments have turned out be large sources of tourists’ attraction sites in the developing countries. People travel to view the existing evidence of these forms of governance. Some communities in the developing countries still maintain their traditional forms of governance which have attracted masses to these areas who seek to learn more about the people in the areas and their ways of life. ...
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Tourism and Thanatourism Name: Institution: Date: Sociology entails the study of the relationship among people living together and how social forces contribute to the formation of the structure of a society and how it influences the manner in which people carry out themselves…
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