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Development of Aging Tourists Market in China.

Studies conducted by The World Health Organization revealed that ageing population includes the people who are 60 years of more of age. Although this population is more prone to opt for tourism opportunities, however, tourism management authorities have not been encouraging this because of the various costs that are involved with this from which the major ones include cost of security, medical and time. Tourism management refers to the management of all the activities that are related to tourism and this also includes those activities that are related to tourism. Furthermore, they also have to implement strategies that promote tourism and provide easy access to people for the purpose of tourism.

Tourism Consumption System
The authors, Dubelaar and Woodsie (2002) have defined the tourism consumption system (TCS) as the set of related travel thoughts, decisions, and behaviors by a discretionary traveler prior to, during, and following a trip. The central proposition that the authors have given by this theory is that the thoughts, decisions, and behaviors with regards to an activity have a major impact on the thoughts, decisions, and behaviors for the other activities. Further in the article, the authors have used exit interview travel data and quick clustering analysis for the purpose of examining the seven main propositions of tourism consumption system on the basis of which the tourists take decisions. It has also been said by the authors that this approach is very beneficial for the marketers and practitioners with regards to tourism and this would greatly help them in increasing the effectiveness of the tourism marketing strategies.
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. Tourism management refers to the management of all the activities that are related to tourism and this also includes those activities that are related to tourism. Furthermore, they also have to implement strategies that promote tourism and provide easy access to people for the purpose of tourism. …
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