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Touring Cultures Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Tourism Perspectives In the chapter under examination, Ritzer & Liska have elucidated two divergent tourism perspectives, i.e. modern and post-modern one, have been in vogue in the contemporary era.


Since post-modern era has also offered multiple recreational facilities in the form of TV, internet and CD players etc, the people can make amusements without leaving their homes even. Hence, the sense of entertainment under multiple choices at home has given birth to new leisure time consumption trends in its scope. Although, both the perspectives contain positive and negative aspects in their nature and scope, though the second one creating uniqueness and differentiation in it look far more fascinating one than the one projecting similarity in the form of McDonaldization. The authors submit to state that the latest trends have been introduced in the aftermath of the penetration of two worldwide public entertainment business chains i.e. the recreational Disney Parks, and the food-chain McDonald (Ritzer & Liska, 1997: 98). McDonaldization and Disneyization, according to the authors, appear to be determining new boundaries of tourism with reference to modernity and post-modernity. The authors lay stress upon looking into the tourism phenomenon within the purview of modernity and post-modernity, where instead of taking both these aspects as two different epochs, they look for taking these ages as two different perspectives and approaches actually. ...
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