Managing hospitality resources

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Name: Course: Date: Managing hospitality resources The benefits of technology to the hospitality industry, notably to the hotels are immense. Hotel industry refers to a field of service that consists of restaurants, lodgings and accommodations, event planning, transportation agencies among others (Carlin, 2006 p50).


Without ample leisure time however, it is difficult for them to attend to such activities. Since the industry mostly offers food service and accommodation, competition in this field is inevitable. With the advances in technology witnessed of late, the industry can take the advantage of these advances to obtain a competitive edge over its competitors. Technology can therefore be used in the industry to improve operational efficiencies, afford the hotel guests enhanced and quality services, and increase the income earned by the hotels (Lew, 2008 p415). The pace and rate at which technology is changing is too high, so that it leaves the whole industry confused in the right technology to adopt. Since a technology considered superior today might be found redundant after a few months or years, the industry has a difficult time deciding on which ones to incorporate into their systems (Erik, 2010 18). Thus, the choice of appropriate technology for the hotel industry is a paramount issue. Technology can support the management of the hotel industry through many ways. It can be used to enhance the guest experience, an aspect that will allow them visit the hotel again or recommend others to the same facility. ...
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