Cashing in on the Luxury Tourism Market

Cashing in on the Luxury Tourism Market Essay example
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Cashing in on the Luxury Tourism Industry Author Institution Cashing in on the Luxury Tourism Industry Introduction The luxury tourism industry is a massive industry that hinges on accessibility of leisure time and disposable time. Luxury industry entails a broad range of fields within the service industry centering on areas such as food and beverage, meeting and events, accommodation, spa, cruise line, entertainment and recreation, gaming and gambling, among others (Page, 2009).


My job entails putting together ideas for making an event successful. The events may encompass private parties, dinner cruises, and corporate events depending on the needs of the elite guests. One of the outstanding roles is to understand and advance the client’s global brand by availing a suitable platform to launch luxury brands. The key clientele in my proposal centres on premium and luxury segment. The chief focus of the project encompasses upmarket domestic and foreign leisure travellers who pursue high quality and a wide range of services (Fennell, 2006). Armani hotels have a rich experience in event management and marketing, meeting planning, corporate promotions, destination management, and corporate hospitality. The main focus is delivering exceptional creativity and attention to detail in a wide range of events; this ensures the success of every facet of the client’s objectives. Overview of Luxury Tourism Industry Upscale tourism is determined by a range of products such as classic scenery and cuisine, splendid decors, and integrated travel experience. ...
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