Bandung City: A Tourism Marketing Strategy

Bandung City: A Tourism Marketing Strategy Research Paper example
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Executive Summary Tourism is now one of the growing and important industries around the world, where every country has made a mark of developing and gradually unfolding their own tourism industry. Specifically, Bandung city is one of the said places that undergo certain progress in its tourism economy.


Nevertheless, this paper had focused on a proposed marketing strategy to the tourism enhancement and progress of the natural tourist spots in the city of Bandung. Moreover, this paper briefly tackled the tourism life cycle and tourism strategy in Bandung city, through the utilization of existing research and secondary datas. Based on secondary research, this report has determined a target market population of nature oriented and married Australian couples who prefer to spend their vacation near Australia. This paper tackles the branding principles, branding slogan and logo, integrated marketing communications (IMC) objectives, and media promotion in order to capture the target Australian travellers for Bandung’s tourism industry. Bandung City: A Tourism Marketing Strategy Nowadays, tourism is one of the biggest and extensive industries around the globe, redounding about six trillion dollars per annum to the overall universal wealth and resources. Moreover, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (2012), in the next decade, it is expected for the tourism industry to increase four percent annual average leading to ten trillion dollars per annum to the global economy. ...
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