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Music Trade Show Executive Summary The music trade show has been organized to exhibit the modern equipments manufactured by numerous reputed companies. In addition, a musical concert has been planned which will consist of participants, both amateur and professionals from the music industry.


The seminar is further expected to provide valuable tips to the amateurs, which will help them to attain success in the future. The overall budget allocated for commencing the trade show will require US $50,000. Moreover, the coordinators or the organizers have planned to recruit 50 volunteers who will be responsible for effective commencement of the event. Furthermore, the organizers are expecting a total of 100 exhibiters who will showcase their musical equipments to the visitors. Moreover, the coordinators are expecting 10,000 attendees, most of them being the professionals and amateurs of music industry. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 Thesis Statement 4 The Challenges and Opportunities Related to the Event 4 Human Resources Plan 6 Financial Plan 7 Process Used for Creating Events 8 Ethical and Legal Considerations 10 Process for Orchestrating the Events 11 Works Cited 12 Thesis Statement Organizing a music trade show requires effective planning and execution by the coordinators in order to successfully attain the determined core objectives. The report hereby intends to provide a brief analysis of the challenges and opportunities associated with the event. It also intends to evaluate the human resource plan in order to place the ‘right person for the right job’. ...
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