The Australian Tourism Policy

The Australian Tourism Policy Essay example
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Name of Student: Course Title: Topic: Lecturer: Date of Presentation: Introduction Policies are documents or laws made by the government in conjunction with other stakeholders to improve on the existing laws. In the tourism industry, certain laws are made in order to increase the returns acquired through foreign exchange and tourist spending while still conserving the natural resources as well as the culture of inhabitants (Gartner & Daniel, 2000).


In Australia, tourism policies have been made to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of Australia as a tourism destination. Since 1974, the tourism docket in Australia has been making policies which are gradually improving the tourism industry in the country (Hall & William, 1996). Throughout the policy making, there have been wordings like development, developing, sustaining, sustainable, and managing and management which have all been emphasized to improve the tourism in the country. The following paper will tackle the history of tourism policies in Australia, the challenges that were addressed as well as the current emerging issues which have been tackled in the recent policies. The Australian Tourism Policy In 1974, the first tourism policy in Australia was formulated. The policy was geared towards addressing issues of mismanaged tourism attraction sites, destinations and resources. The policies that followed through out the years until 2003, had notable words like development which could be broken down into development and developing, sustain which could be fragmented into sustainable and sustainability, and develop which could be broken down into developing and development. ...
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