How to increase tourism in Greece and Servia

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Increasing Tourism in Greece and Serbia: Examining Prospects for Future Travel Name, Name Course July 16, 2011 Background of Literature The amount of tourism that is in Greece and Serbia as well as the need to change the outcome is one which is now leading to new initiatives within the country.


This research study will examine the different needs for expanding the tourist market in the region as well as creating specific ways in which individuals can respond to the given environment while stimulating the social and economic conditions of the countries. The concern which is arising in terms of tourism in Greece and Serbia as well as the various associations with the marketing needs and relationships to the government is one which is continuing to alter and arise based on differences in travel intensity. It is noted that there are specific countries which have higher travel intensity because of the competitiveness of marketing as well as the image which is displayed with the country. Making each of the regions an area for travel and tourism and building an inviting outlook of the specific areas then creates different approaches and understanding to the management and development of tourism (Ach, 2009). The social perspectives which link directly to travel and tourism then become the main concerns and build a central point which needs to be developed in order to ensure that there is a positive image that is built around the regions which is able to capitalize on tourism. ...
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