Tourism case study of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia

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Tourism Case Study of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia Table of Contents Introduction 3 Tourism Policy Making and Strategic Planning 4 The Main Concepts and Issues Relating To Tourism Policy, Strategy and Sustainability 5 The Role and Responsibilities of Government in Tourism 6 The Processes Required At the National, Regional, Destination and Site Level of Policy Making and Planning Processes 7 The Legislative and Governmental Aspects of Tourism Policy, Planning and Sustainability 9 Goals and Objectives of Tourism Plan 9 The Processes and Varying Approaches Involved In Tourism Development 10 11 Conclusion 11 References 12 Bibliography 15 15 Introduction Tourism is increasingly being co


Individuals who are learnt to travel for business and other purposes are also considered as tourists (Tourism Online Resource Centre, 2009). Hence, various destinations have been emerging as tourist attractions all around the world possessing unique features and offerings for tourism. Byron Bay is a city which is situated near beach area in New South Wales, Australia. The town is situated 772 kilometres from north of Sydney as well as 165 kilometres from south of Brisbane. The town consists of several beaches which are quite popular for boat surfing. It is recognised as a resort which is admired by both domestic as well as international tourists. ...
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