Work placement in Hailong Hotel

Work placement in Hailong Hotel Essay example
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Hailong Hotel is situated in China’s Liaoning Province Fuxin City. The General Manager of the hotel is Lishuang Yao. The hotel consists of 7 floors. The first floor of the hotel comprises reception as well as office rooms. The rest of the floors at the hotel have guest rooms.


The rest of the floors at the hotel have guest rooms. The total number of staff working in the hotel is thirty. The hotel has four receptionists, six floor supervisors, six room attendant, one cleaner, two securities, two hostess, two accountants and one general manager (Trip Advisor, 2012). When innumerable people work together in the same organisation, it becomes quite complex for the human resource manager to manage these group of people. Therefore, the main objective of this paper is to determine an issue in Hailong Hotel and thus offer a theoretical background to the processes that is being focused on in the paper. Furthermore, the paper will also attempt to analyse that specific issue within the agency. Issues in Hailong Hotel Human resource management has attained major focus in the recent years because it contributes to overall efficacy in the organisation. If the overall success of the organisation depends upon the competence of its employees then it is significant for the organisation to manage them in a proper way so that the goals can be attained effectively (Yang & Cherry, 2008). The main issue that has been recognised is related to proper management of staff in the Hailong Hotel. The hotel staff requires adequate training so that they can function effectively and thus assist in attaining the goals of the organisation. Lack of training demotivates the employees to work in a proper way and thus might hamper the overall effectiveness in the hotel. ...
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