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Tourism planning is essentially nothing more than deciding what to build and where to build, Discuss - Essay Example

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Tourism Planning Planning refers to a way of controlling, and putting activities in order to realize organizational or individual goals. Tourism involves traveling from one place to another mainly for pleasure. Tourism can also be termed as commercialization and the operations of vacations to own places of interest…

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Tourism planning is essentially nothing more than deciding what to build and where to build, Discuss

Scholars have asserted that, planning in this sector entail making decisions on what to build and the location. As much as this statement has some truth, planning in tourism sector goes beyond this assertion. Planning enables one to facilitate the proper coordination in an organization and organizing the available resources. As such, it is inevitable in tourism sector. It also enables to give the right direction of an organization and helps on how to maintain complete control. It helps in the decision-making and helps in encouraging the manager’s creativity and innovation (Gunn, 2002:21). Planning also helps to achieve the set objectives and goals of an organization and motivates the personnel in an organization. The main aim of a planning in an organization is to attain the desired goals and contributes towards better performance. The word planner refers to the person who controls or else plans urban development (Merphy & Murphy, 2004:92). Tourism planning is truly essential but rather concerns on what one wants to do and where. It takes place at three different stages or levels: nationally, locally and one’s attraction. ...
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