tourism and environment in conflict

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Tourism and environment in conflict The development and growth of tourism industry in recent years has strained the relationship between tourism and environment, changing its very structure and dynamics between the two from that of co-existence to conflict.


Thus on one hand where the industry is hailed as a key contributor to the country’s economy and boosting its growth and development, on the other it is blamed by environmentalists and other stakeholders as responsible for single handedly destroying and depleting the natural resources (Huebner, 2010). Both sides of the arguments are valid and hold credibility considering the vast amount of evidence available in the form of research conducted over the years. This indicates a dire conflict between two of the most critical elements of the society. The tourism industry, unlike the other industries relies solely on the use of the natural resources to lure and attract consumers. The natural environment hence, forms a very integral part of the trade which is exposed to the public. The increase in tourism incidentally leads to an increase in common tourist activities such as shopping, dining, which are often created in the midst of nature so as to afford a fine sight-seeing experience for the consumers. Such activities significantly increase the risk of destruction and depletion of natural resources and damage the surrounding environment and bio-diversity (Brebbia and Pineda, 2010; Leigh, Webster, and Ivanov, 2012). The fact that tourism has caused a gradual yet steady deterioration of the environment has been accepted lately due to the increasing evidence asserting the same. ...
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