The development of marine and wildlife tourism in Scotland

The development of marine and wildlife tourism in Scotland Essay example
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Provide an introduction to Marine and Wildlife tourism in Scotland, by briefly charting the history of this niche development in Scotland, and, making reference to the international leaders (countries/destinations) in this field whom Scotland could learn from for future development…


One of the most important aspects of marine and wildlife tourism is ensuring that this type of tourism encourages a real interaction with nature whilst promoting the conservation efforts in place in the area. This allows the consumer to achieve their desired holiday experience whilst the natural environment continues to thrive without too much disturbance from human interference. Marine and wildlife tourism draws inferences from a wide variety of areas outside the tourism sector, including conservation biology and behavioural ecology. It is bringing the ideas of these different research areas that give a good wildlife tourist experience. One of the most important agencies for marine and wildlife tourism in Scotland is Wild Scotland. It is a not-for-profit agency which provides tourists with opportunities to engage in wildlife and activity holidays with professionals in the area (Lane, 2009). Initially founded in 2003, Wild Scotland incorporated Activity Scotland in 2011 and now covers all the responsible nature tourism available in Scotland. ...
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