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Individual Portfolio Submitted By: Waleed Al Abri University of Bedfordshire BA (Hons) Travel & Tourism May 15, 2012 Introduction As part of University of Bedfordshire’s commitment to environmental education and awareness, it will celebrate the 2013 Earth Day with a remarkable activity.


The idea is to raise consciousness among students of University of Bedfordshire through a collective effort that will bring together community groups, local businesses, educators and artists to an event where green innovations are highlighted. To ensure the event’s success, students of Travel and Tourism Management will be assigned to organize the Earth Fair, making sure that event plans are actualized and well-coordinated. The entire event plan will be divided into four categories – event research, event design, event planning, and event coordination. Each category will be handled by a committee which will consist of one committee chair and five members. As a head of the planning committee, I will be assigned to present this paper detailing the plans for the University of Bedfordshire - Earth Fair 2013. The challenge is to attract local groups to participate at the Fair and invite approximately students at the university’s Park Square. With a budget of ?10,000, it is important to ensure effective event promotion, proper coordination with local groups, and efficient management of the events team that will guarantee of the event’s success. As such, this paper presents a carefully designed plan to successfully gather students, community organizations, and local establishments to increase awareness about how to care for the environment. ...
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