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Perception and attitude of British customers towards cruise travel Essay example
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Name Course Instructor Date Perception and attitude of British customers towards cruise travel Tourism management is the control and handling of travel for vacation purposes by foreigners or locals to places within ones country or location. The cruise industry mostly focuses on those visitors that use the cruise ship for travel purposes or tourism purposes in a region…


It is norm for them. The first of the cruise line industry was traced back in the mid19th Century with Brunel’s ss Great Western being the first to cruise the waters from Bristol headed towards New York in 1838 (Hobson 462). Nowadays this is a global trend. The highest demand in global for over twenty years now has been to go on a cruise holiday by many people. The vessels and the environs within which they have been made have become an extremely valuable experience especially for the tourists. That is what they refer to as the holiday experience (Marti 100). There is a serious economic downside of this kind of tourism. In 2008 alone, the United Kingdom accounted for approximately two thousand two hundred and sixty two million pounds on the expenditure that is incurred in this business alone. The expenditure is quite high thus, the tour is also relatively expensive. This has been a setback because it also underpins approximately forty nine thousand jobs in the United Kingdom (Sykes 103). The recent trends in the industry have stated that the cruise line industry has grown a great deal as compared to it about ten years ago. There has been a tremendous demand for cruise holidays in Britain. This trend is quite global with the demand being highest in North America (Cooper 359). ...
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