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Cold War Holidays Christopher Endy Literature Review

As a professor of history, he is considered to be rich in insight into historical events, and his analysis is highly valued. His approach is regarded as unique and original as it overlooks the prevailing tension in the world following the Second World War. By focusing on American travel to France in the years following World War II, the book illustrates how the United States and the French governments actively participated in shaping leisure travel, fearing the spread of communism.1 While reading this book, some people may dismiss leisure travel as a peripheral factor while most are likely to find answers to core queries made on U.S.-European relations. This was also critical in advancing the countries’ foreign policy agenda. Most important, the book reveals the connections with regard to travel, consumerism, and Cold War policies. Endy illustrates the coexistence, interplay, and even mutual reinforcement between transnational forces and the nation-state. Contrary to common belief on globalization, Endy reveals how this process encouraged the rise of informal transnational exchanges to establish a national identity and power. In this manner, tourism favored globalization and strong national identities at the same time. ...
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Cold War Holidays: American Tourism in France by Christopher Endy The book highlights the proceedings of the Cold War years with regard to tourism and focuses on the Franco-American relationship after the Second World War. The book is a success following its originality with respect to the approach to the Cold War, which presents a new perspective of studying historical events…
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