Re-branding and Marketing: Bedfordshire’s Visitor Attraction

Re-branding and Marketing: Bedfordshire’s Visitor Attraction Essay example
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There are several ways in which Bedfordshire can create competitive advantage our of branding or rebranding. According to Aaker, “within a brand’s competitive set, a high relative price signals a higher quality and a low relative price signals a lower quality or value position”.


To promote local and international tourism, Bedfordshire also cater special events such as Bedford River Festival among others (Bedfordshire, 2013).
In the product life cycle, it is assumed that each type of business organization is most likely to undergo several stages which include: product development, introduction, growth, maturity, and decline stage (Robinson, 2009, p. 153). The market demand for a tourism site is expected to continuously change over time. To prevent Bedfordshire from undergoing the process of decline stage, it is essential on the part of its marketing manager to consider the importance of re-branding to ensure that this particular tourist site will maintain an increasing trend in its sales and profitability.
Rebranding is all about “revitalising and repositioning a brand through gradual, incremental modification of the brand proposition and marketing aesthetics” (Muzellec & Lambkin, 2006, p. 804). This study assumes that the future success of Bedfordshire is highly dependent on the specific needs and wants of our next generation. Considering the imporance of rebranding in terms of preventing Bedfordshire from reaching the declining stage in product life cycle, this study will purposely conduct a primary research study to identify all factors that could make the students become more attracted in visiting the Bedfordshire.
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