The Role of Events in the Seaside Destination: A Case Study of Sport Events in Eastbourne

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CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction Tourism is one of the most important industries in many places. It serves to boost the local economy, increasing their monetary flow. The tourism industry brings money into an area and creates jobs. For this reason many destinations have sought to increase their tourist populations.


Getz (1997) and Jago et al. (2003) both concur that the primary explanation for this is the fact that the tourism industry is a highly competitive field. In addition, cities have to deal with many other issues that affect their tourist rates, such as global change and unstable economic systems as was observed by Richard and Palmer (2010). These issues inspire destinations to seek out alternative ways to attract more tourists. Events are a very powerful and popular way to bring tourists into an area. Often destinations will use events as the backbone of their city development strategy. Through the use of events a region’s economy can improve. This is because tourists come into the area and spend their money, adding it to the region’s monetary circulation. However, in order for an event to attract enough tourists, it has to be a very great event. But great events do more than just increase as area’s economic activity. Such events also serve to improve a city’s image; boosting the amount of pride that the local residents have about their community (Moon et al., 2011). Many governments recognize these additional benefits and, therefore, are motivated to host events. ...
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