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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Sustainable Tourism Sustainable tourism connotes tourism that maximizes benefits ascribed to tourism while at the same time minimizing costs borne by the natural environment as well as the local communities, and has the capacity to be undertaken indefinitely without jeopardizing the resources that facilitate its operation (Page, 3).


Local communities and these protected areas can benefit from tourism through employment and revenue generation. Tourism can however also threaten resources in marine protected areas through habitat destruction, impacting the water quality and wildlife disturbance. It can potentially threaten communities through overcrowding, excessive development, and local culture disruption. Moreover, in conventional tourism, local communities do not benefit in the event that revenue from tourism leaks to entities operating outside the tourism regions. As such, tourism can decimate the same resources which facilitate its operation (Page, 12). Conversely, sustainable tourism involves deliberate planning to see to it that natural resources are conserved, local residents benefit from it, the local culture is respected and conserved, more profits are directed to the protected tourism areas, and the local residents together with the tourists are educated on the pertinence of conservation. ...
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