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Dissertation example - Improving the Hong Kong Experience: How to identify, meet and exceed visitors' expectations and satisfaction levels

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Improving the Hong Kong Experience: How to identify, meet and exceed visitors’ expectations and satisfaction levels Table of Contents Chapter One: Introduction 4 1.0 Introduction 4 1.1 Rationale 4 1.2 Background 6 1.2 Problem Statement 8 1.4 Aims and Objectives 8 1.5 Research Methods 9 1.5.1 Research Questions 10 1.6 Structure 10 1.7 Summary 11 Chapter 2: Literature Review 12 2.0 Literature Review 12 2.1 Introduction 12 2.3 Relevant Theory 12 2.4 Economic influences on Tourism in Hong Kong 14 2.5 Technology and Tourism 15 2.6 Hong Kong Travel and Shopping 16 2.8 Alternative Tourism 20 Chapter 3: Methodology 23 3.0 Methodology 23 3.1 Research Design 23 3.2 Justification 25 3.3 Participants 2…

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n Travel is a very specific activity in which expectations are crucial in satisfaction. The satisfaction of the event of travel is elementary in defining how the social system of discourse about travel will be experienced post-travel experiences as well as how future plans for a region may or may not be planned. Improving the travel experience is a crucial goal for destinations. Thoughtful attention by a destination to the satisfaction and experiences of travellers will provide for future economic increases in the travel industry. ...
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