Understanding Tourism as a Business

Understanding Tourism as a Business Assignment example
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Travel Agencies are exclusive caterers who provide services embodied to tourism for suppliers like airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, railways, hotels and package tours. Some travel agencies are distinguished in business and commercial tourism only.


Understanding Tourism Business

Thomas was a cabinet-maker in Leicester. He was a folk reformer and he thought that People’s life could be improved to a great extent if people drank less and become more educated. While walking one day he was struck by an idea to use the power of railway to employee people. In the abstinence meeting, he evinced his idea. His idea was condoned happily to take the reformer people to Loughborough which was scheduled on train and that too only for one shilling. The meeting was a great success and this became the key idea for his excursions thereafter. Nowadays, Thomas cook is a leading company having 16,000 staff with an operating network of 1050 in UK and overseas (Thomas Cook Group, 2013). Ownership of Thomas Cook Group Thomas Cook group has 3 lead share holders as on August-2011.The share percentages are as follow (Thomas Cook Group, 2013): Lloyd’s Banking group has a share of 9%. Blackrock Inc. has a share of 4.99% AXA SA has a share of 4.8% The remaining of the stock floats freely Mission Statement of Thomas Cook “To Perfect the Personnel Leisure Experience”. Thomas cook’s vision is to go make dreams come true. Marriott Hotels pay significant attention to their environmental policy where as the Thomas Cook Group d not incline themselves towards any such measures, on the contrary promoting unnecessary travel only adds to carbon emissions.
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