Ten Socio-Psychological Motivation that can be satisfide by a Tourist Visiting Fiji

Ten Socio-Psychological Motivation that can be satisfide by a Tourist Visiting Fiji Research Paper example
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Ten Socio-Psychological Motivations that can be satisfied by a Tourist Visiting Fiji (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Executive summary This paper is an analysis of the socio-psychological factors that stimulate tourists into visiting the country of Fiji.


Since tourist requires places to stay some of the best and important facilities have been provided by Fiji country even though tourism remains a private sector industry. Table of Contents Executive summary 2 1.0Introduction 5 2.0Republic of Fiji 5 3.0Tourism in Fiji 5 4.0Definition of Socio- psychological motivations 6 5.0Ten types of socio-psychological motivations 7 5.1Escape 7 5.1.1Commercial Example 7 5.2Relaxation 8 5.2.1Commercial Example 8 5.3Play 9 5.3.1Commercial Example 9 5.4Strengthening family bonds 10 5.4.1Commercial Example 11 5.5Prestige 11 5.5.1Commercial Example 12 5.6Social interaction 12 5.6.1Commercial Example 13 5.7Romance 13 5.7.1Commercial Example 14 5.8Educational opportunities 14 5.8.1Commercial Example 15 5.9Self-fulfilment 15 5.9.1Commercial Example 16 5.10Wish fulfilment 16 5.10.1Commercial Example 17 6.0Conclusion 17 List of References 19 1.0 Introduction Tourists are motivated to travel because of different issues. This essay analyses the socio-psychological motivators that make tourists travel to their various destination. Our destination that we will focus on is the country of Fiji and we will indicate how each of these socio-psychological needs is satisfied in the country of Fiji with use of various pictures. 2.0 Republic of Fiji This is an island nation found in South Pacific Ocean. It is located in Melanesia. It is bordered by several countries like Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Tonga and Samoas. ...
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