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Ten Socio-Psychological Motivation that can be satisfide by a Tourist Visiting Fiji - Research Paper Example

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Ten Socio-Psychological Motivation that can be satisfide by a Tourist Visiting Fiji

Tourists are motivated to travel because of different issues. This essay analyses the socio-psychological motivators that make tourists travel to their various destination. Our destination that we will focus on is the country of Fiji and we will indicate how each of these socio-psychological needs is satisfied in the country of Fiji with use of various pictures.
2.0 Republic of Fiji
This is an island nation found in South Pacific Ocean. It is located in Melanesia. It is bordered by several countries like Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Tonga and Samoas. It covers an area of 194,000 square kilometres and a population of around 78,000. It is a country with several islands to be estimated to be more than 332 and only 106 are uninhabited. It has abundance of minerals forests and fish resources. One of the main sources of income of the country is tourism industry. It also enjoys a source of foreign exchange from sugar exports. Fiji is renown of its ability to build the finest vessels of pacific. It has four major divisions those are central, eastern, northern and western. They are further divided into 14 provinces (Wright, 1986, pp.6-24).
3.0 Tourism in Fiji
Tourism is one of major sectors of an economy of countries that have the capability of and luck of participating in it. Fiji supports tourism industry and is thus growing at a faster rate in terms of the number of people employed in tourism industry of around 45000. It is a private driven sector and contributes approximately 25 percent of GDP of the country. It has several holiday opportunities, beautiful beaches and places that allow tropical romance. It has white sand, pristine reefs, lush rainforest and great accommodation facilities. Individuals have embraced diverse culture although they still preserve their indigenous customs. ...
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This paper is an analysis of the socio-psychological factors that stimulate tourists into visiting the country of Fiji. It shades light into meaning of socio-psychological motivation and ten types of motivators are also examined. …
Author : mcclureemmanuel
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