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Business Report: Easyjet Airlines Name Instructor Institution Course Date Business report: Easyjet Airlines Introduction: Easyjet Airlines and its productivity in the airlines industry With its headquarters in London, UK, EasyJet Airlines limited is the largest Airline in the UK and one of the largest in the entire European region.


As at 2010, EasyJet recorded total revenue of ?3452 million which was the highest performance in the airlines industry by an individual airline (EasyJet Plc, 2011). In 2011, the company laid out strategies to spread further especially in the European market after which it hit 62.5 million flown seats from 56.0 million in 2010, 54.5 million passengers from 48.8 million in 2010, and a load factor of 87.3% from 87.0% in 2010 (EasyJet Plc, 2011). Better still, the travel networks in Europe shot high as shown in the table below: New number of routes Percentage growth by country UK 300 Italy 8.6 Switzerland 72 France 29.1 France 67 Spain 10.5 Italy 59 Switzerland/Germany 21.7 Germany 30 London 6.6 Spain 19 UK regions 6.0 Table 1: Number of routes offered to passengers and focus on growth across continental Europe. [Obtained from EasyJet Plc. (2011)] This improvement of 2011 alone was an enough indication that the company is going in the desired direction and in line with the company’s prime mission – to become Europe’s most preferred short-haul airline making market leading returns (EasyJet, 2011). ...
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