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Tourism has a strong relationship with the environment and the community To achieve sustainability, the goal of sustainable tourism is to maintain the economic as well as social advantages of tourism while also reducing the negative impact of these activities on the natural, historic, social, and cultural environment. There are four ways of achieving aims and objectives in tourism sustainability, first, the parties involve should come up with proper ways of approach and implementation of the required programs. One of the significant elements to sustainable tourism includes the use of energy and natural resources. For example in Australia, some communities and agencies have made a commitment towards sustainable tourism, for example eco resort Hidden Valley Cabins in Queensland which boasts of environmentally-friendly practices. The resort is completely solar-powered and uses various energy-conservation features in its operations. Moreover, the Australian government has also made a commitment towards ensuring that about 20% of its energy consumption comes from renewable sources, such as solar energy by the year 2020. For tourism operators, the current tourism products and to specific the opportunities involved in these new products have been improved. One of the areas of tourism where sustainable tourism has been considered crucial is coastal tourism which is tourism mostly founded on the combination of land and sea, including amenities like water, beaches, sceneries, marine wildlife, exotic

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An introduction and conclusion for literature review in finance (preparing for my dissertation)
Nonetheless, the industry maintains its function because of the huge demand. This paper tends to analyze and evaluate the petrochemical companies with the help of Porter’s five forces model, the valuation model and the financial ratio analysis tool. The analysis will generate useful information for stakeholders interested in buying or selling shares of the petrochemical companies.
2 pages (500 words) Essay
London City
London City London is today recognized as one of the world’s foremost metropolises. While cities such as New York have supplanted London in terms of economic impact, and other cities have supplanted London in terms of population, tremendous historical and cultural occurrences indelibly mark the city as a hallmark of Western society.
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The London Economy Tourism
This has contributed to the making of London as a major economic powerhouse through the acceleration of international economic integration as well as the move towards a service oriented economy in which London had established strength that breeds a virtuous circle.
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Dissertation conclusion
It was also largely agreed that since Ealing has a large population of deprived individuals, the deprived population would essentially be hit the hardest. What this population needed was an increase in services as opposed to a decrease in services. It was also largely agreed that this deprived population would end up gaining access to A&E much later than they ought to and would further be deprived of opportunities to have close friends and family members visit them when hospitalized as they will be transported to hospitals generally out of their reach.
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Conclusion chapter for dissertation
In conclusion, it can be noted that the aim of the research was to analyze the buyer behaviour of the golf players especially with focus on one of the golf products namely the golf driver. Whilst a number of brands for the golf
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Heritage tourism - The city Bath
The city of Bath has been renowned as a World Heritage Site since 1987; therefore, it attracts million of tourists every year. Since the city of Bath is producing a major chunk of revenues from its tourism industry therefore, a great focus has been given towards the active management of its World Heritage properties.
13 pages (3250 words) Essay
London city
With such a prominent position in Western history, there are endless articulations of the city. This essay examines Ackroyd’s (2003) London: A Biography and Hunter’s (2006) Persons Unknown; / Life and Death in Hackney in terms of
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Conclusion for my project
Yuill (2003:4) indicated that there is always a fascination in people when it comes to issues related with tragedy. An ideal example is when there is an accident at a spot on the road and other travellers have to always slow
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London city
of Olympic with 2012 elicited a heated conflict that overtook various media across UK and the world owing to the divergent interpretation it attracted. It is obvious that different cultural backgrounds attach diverse meaning to images. In that regard, the Olympic logo was
4 pages (1000 words) Essay
London city
London, the capital city of the United Kingdom is one of the most popular cities in the world due to the numerous landmarks, art galleries and its diverse cultures (Cvetkovic, 2013). In cultural terms, early modern London was considered to cut an edge over the other
8 pages (2000 words) Essay
food, and historic heritage. To secure sustainable coastal tourism, it is important to conserve the natural, cultural and related resources of tourism for the future, while also securing benefits for the current generation. Secondly, is about policy implementation, various states have started to implement impact management tool. The successful land-use activities will call for a change in the goals of tourism development away from the traditional approach. In various cases, this would mean that tourism development must be controlled and managed by social and environmental tools. Also, Local participation is also an important tool in sustainable tourism. In general, tourism and other land-use activities have been secured by experts, with the participation of localities based on short interviews which does not have much impact on the final plans. Thirdly, is the participation of the private sector in the sustainable tourism? The private sector also has a significant role to play in sustainable tourism. For the private sector, sustainable tourism can be secured in different ways. One of the ways by which such sustainability can be secured is by carrying out early and comprehensive environmental and social impact assessments. It is also important for the private sector to choose an appropriate site for their tourist activities. The effects of resort development on the natural environment are based on where the resort is located. The developments by the private sector must not be built in areas with delicate and endangered ecosystems, including national parks and other culturally sensitive areas. Developers must therefore make an effort to understand the ecosystem and chose the site which would not suffer too much disruption. It is also impor


2.6 Conclusion. In conclusion, tourism sustainability in London can be achieved if all the sectors involved in tourism put an effort. The study evaluated sustainable tourism in London, its current status, as well as its future prospect for the city. It also critically evaluates the ability of London city in adopting sustainable tourism…
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