Analyze an evaluate the impact of volunteer tourism on host communities 2

Analyze an evaluate the impact of volunteer tourism on host communities 2 Essay example
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Running Head: Impact of Volunteer Tourism Impact of Volunteer Tourism [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Impact of Volunteer Tourism Introduction Volunteer tourism has its roots in the philosophy of “volunteerism”, which refers to individuals rendering their services not for material compensation, but for the desire to change the society for better.


As identified by Sin (2010), we live in a world of “heightened responsibilities”. At least in the developed world, people are being bombarded; from almost all directions that they need to show have to exhibit great environmental friendliness, moral responsibility, ethical consumerism, eco-friendliness and concern for less privileged members of the society. Corporate social responsibility, ethical marketing, social marketing, charities, cause related campaigns are a manifestation of the same. Volunteer tourism also falls under the same umbrella (Tourism Research and Marketing, 2008, p. 43). Researchers and experts have welcomed this idea with great deal of optimism and energy since it appears that such approach towards tourism can emerge as a much needed catalyst for social change. It can build bridges, foster intercultural relations, generate employment, help less privileged in the underdeveloped countries and set them towards the path of sustainability while providing satisfaction to the volunteers. ...
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