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Tourism has always been one of the most popular industries around the world. Traditionally, a tourist attraction would be the destination’s scenic beauty, cultural heritage and natural landscapes. However, with the emerging popularity of the tourism business, there are now different types of tourisms that have evolved in the business such as event tourism.


Event tourism generally refers to an event which is organized for an audience from around the world. The event can be a public or corporate event which attracts people from around the globe and they visit the country to attend the event. Event tourism as a business includes the hotel reservations, transportation facilities, journey tours, and several other procedures that are organized for the tourists in order to make it easy for them. Event tourism brings huge revenues for the host country and adds value to the destination itself. This paper will discuss how event tourism has emerged as a popular type of tourism and what the main goals are. The event tourism has taken a considerable position in the tourism industry of today. Many tourism industries have given special attention to the event tourism and worked with event management companies to ensure an attractive event. The event can be a cultural festival, a sports event, a religious rally or a corporate conference. Such events can be organized by the private or public sector but the tourism business boosts immensely during these events. This is because most of the tourism agencies play their part by assisting the tourists, planning tours for them, arranging tickets for the event and reserving hotel rooms. ...
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