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International Hospitality Management Name Date Professor April 28, 2013 Introduction Technology as applicable in the hospitality industry has caused a revolution in the uptake of products and services more than ever before as more people have become connected to each other with most people having access to information through the internet.


The information that is provided online is important to stimulate the researcher or the would-be consumer of the hospitality product and services to have good memories of the travel. To reach the consumer, the operators can make use of digital marketing (Wind and Vijay, 2001) through search engines, mobile phone applications or location based marketing. It is important to make the product appealing and have the best prices for the content placed in the internet. Having the requisite infrastructure to respond or meet the needs of the consumer is important for hospitality industry operators in several ways. This arises from the fact that most consumers expect services that are personalized that readily meets their demands thus requiring tools that can store and monitor information to meet personal needs of a client. This allows the knowing and retention of customers for future businesses. The hospitality industry especially tourism being an important socio-economic activity in any human life is continuously being affected by advances in technology (Moutinho, 2000). The technology applied here mostly occurs over the internet as the new mode of information dissemination and distribution. The resorting to internet for tourism and travel marketing is because of the many advantages that comer with it product and service distribution through the internet. ...
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