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International Tourism in Sweden Name Professor Institution Course Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 2 Geographical Overview 3 History of Sweden 4 Culture 4 Importance of Cultural Heritage to Sweden 6 Sample Itinerary 7 Destination popularity 8 Future Trends of Sweden Tourism 9 Summary and Conclusion 9 References 11 Introduction International tourist refers to the figure of tourists travelling into a specific country besides where they commonly live and far from their normal place of residence (Keste, 2013).


These flows had sturdy environmental and economic consequences leading to enhanced shareholders within the tourism sector. These groups fit in to both the public and private sectors hence emerging a broader perspective of public account, which is compared internationally with the general actions of different financial activities. In Sweden, several factors comprising of substitute price, as well as comparative income was not well thought-out as an important criteria for establishing demand models of international tourism. Rather, meaningful events have been established for determining the demand models of tourism within Sweden. Other factors comprising of natural attractions, travel regulation of government, cultural significances and climate also influenced tourism demand of Sweden. Geographical Overview Basing on geographical nature of Sweden, the country is considered small but contains forests with approximately 100, 000 lakes, which attracted tourists (Goeldner et al., 2000). ...
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