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Name Institution Course Tutor Date Special Interest Tourism - Heritage Tourism UK In some countries, tourism is one of the major economic activities. Special interest tourism is the provision of customized leisure and recreational experiences following certain expressed interests of either individual or group.


Heritage tourism can be said to be, the practice of attracting tourists to a place based on the unique characteristics of that locale’s history, landscape, and culture. Heritage tourism is probably one of the most popular forms of special interest tourism. The small tourism enterprises happen to be among the major stakeholders in heritage tourism. There are several management issues that range from decision making, knowledge management and transfer that affect their participation in heritage tourism. The survival of such enterprises highly depends on the awareness of their potential clients on the availability of their services (Moutinho, 2009:265). If knowledge management is to be applied at the destination, then focus on the organization, which dominates the thinking, needs to be expanded to accommodate knowledge stocks and flows within networks of organizations at the destination. This is a similar issue to that faced by network and creation. The needs, expectations and anticipated benefits of tourism differ from one destination to another. There is certainly no possibility of a single approach to destination management. As the people living in regions with tourism potential initiate a plan for what kind of tourism they want to develop, a comprehensive planning framework is useful and should be put to use more often. ...
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