analysing tourism and hospitality businesses

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Analysing Tourism and Hospitality Businesses Table of Contents 1.0. Introduction 3 2.0. Analysing the Fundamental Structure and Goals of Thomas Cook Group Plc 4 2.1. Objectives or Goals and Methods Used by Thomas Cook Group Plc 6 2.2. Assessing if the Goals Were Successfully Achieved 7 3.0.


Internal Stakeholder Groups 16 4.2. External Stakeholder Groups 17 5.0. The Process and Importance of Marketing Audit in Thomas Cook Group Plc 18 5.1. Marketing Mix Strategy of TCG 18 6.0. Customer Profitability in Thomas Cook Group Plc 21 7.0. Thomas Cook Group Plc's Resources 22 7.1. Financial Performance 22 7.2. Human Resource Management 23 7.3. Sales and Marketing 24 8.0. Conclusion 24 References 26 Bibliography 30 1.0. Introduction In relation to the present business market, the global tourism and hospitality industry have been witnessed to grasp an increasing attention representing a promising growth over the past few years. The industry has further been identified as one of the major contributors of the global economy due to its striving and unbeaten financial performances obtained by the global tourism and hospitality marketers. The rapid financial growth along with spontaneous development of the industry also tends to provide a strong support for the global countries in terms of addressing their financial issues and unemployment conditions (World Travel and Tourism Council, 2011). According to the present day context, the industry has also been designated as one of the leading and prevalent employers than other business industries. ...
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