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Business Report Table of Contents Introduction 4 Body 4 Aim 4 Scope 4 Growth Rate in Next Five Years 5 Answer 1: Identification and Explanation of Policies and Plans 5 Five Year Economic Plan 6 National Tourism Policy 6 National Eco-Tourism Plan 7 Rural Tourism Plan 8 Work Place Policies 9 Other Policies 9 Answer 2: Achieving sustainability during the time of rapid growth 10 Answer 3: Policy and Planning Implication and Recommendations 12 Conclusion 13 References 15 Appendix 17 Introduction Body Rapid growth of tourism industry is one of the important drivers of economic growth of a number of developing countries.


Moreover, this strategy also depends upon the institutional framework, regulatory and economic development policies. Aim This study will propose and develop several new tourism strategic policies and planning frameworks for Singapore on the basis of imaginary scenario. Bali, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok are the three major international airports near Singapore. These airports have been closed down due to several natural calamities and disasters. The tourism policies and plan will help Singapore to clatter the extra demand from these affected countries. Scope However, it has been identified that the tourism industry in Singapore has incurred significant losses during the global economic slowdown of 2007-09 and after that Asian Financial Crisis era. The growth rate of Singapore’s tourism industry has declined by 9.2 percent in 2010. At that point of time, the Singapore Tourism Board assumed that the country has the potential to attain a target of 17 million international visitor’s arrival. Moreover, the board had a target of 30 billion Singaporean dollar revenue. ...
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