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Tourism Summary Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name Insert Date The research “Businessman or host? Individual differences between entrepreneurs and small business owners in the hospitality industry” by Wagener, Gorgievski and Rijsdijk (2010) is based on the importance of SMEs in today’s economy.


The differences identified by the authors through a review of available literature are based on major qualities like independence, risk-taking ability, tolerance of ambiguity, self-efficacy, innovativeness, market orientation and leadership qualities. The study methodology is, therefore, aligned to these characteristics through administration of ability questionnaires to sampled hospitality operators in the Netherlands. The main argument and conclusion is that entrepreneurs are high in the mentioned qualities and therefore there is need to classify business owners based on the activities they carry out as well as their goals. Anderson and Hughes (2010) conducted a study entitled “the business of caring: women’s self-employment and the marketization of care”. The study by the two is conducted in view of increased commercialization of care giving services by women since the authors have pointed out that there is a research gap on self employed paid care workers. The main aim of the study is to explore how women’s paid care giving is shaped by their employment status; whether self employed or an employee and the nature of care provided (direct/indirect). The study analyses qualitative interviews carried out in the summer of 2004 with 20 self-employed women in western Canada. ...
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