Role of social media in online travel information search

Role of social media in online travel information search Essay example
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Role of social media in online travel information search Introduction The internet has created a world which is very much interconnected. The lines of communication know no bounds in the current age of electronic and digital technology. What used to take months to relay to other people now only takes a few clicks on one’s computer mouse to transmit.


These social media networks have allowed for the voice of the general public to impact significantly on the direction of social, political, cultural, and economic relations. This paper shall now discuss the role of the social media in online travel information search. This paper in general, will discuss the social media aligned with eTravel, mostly in terms of how the social media impacts on decisions of travellers, both in terms of the positive and negative impact. First a discussion on the role and importance of social media within the eTravel environment will be discussed, followed by an evaluation of the application of technology and partner relationships. An analysis of the applicable aligned variables, including the use and function of the websites or IT applications will also be presented. Body Facebook and Twitter have become important and extensive tools of communication for most individuals, not just the younger, but the older generations as well. It has also become a valuable tool for corporations and politicians in terms of generating public opinion, customer preferences, as well as customer reviews (Park and Oh, 2012). For tourists, the internet has also become an important resource. Social media is founded on openness, interconnectedness, and general participation. ...
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