To critically analyze of the impact the Customer Relationship Management has made on Customer Loyalty in Renaissance Beijing Cap

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SEMI-DRAFT DISSERTATION: CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF IMPACT OF CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT ON CUSTOMER LOYALTY IN RENAISSANCE BEIJING CAPITAL HOTEL Cheryl Abstract Today, hospitality industry is facing at an intense competition by gaining loyal customer, and under this situation, many companies apply the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an effective weapon on acquiring profitable and loyal customers since it can assist the company to identify and analyze the customer’s need and in order to provide a better service/product to the customer.


The dissertation begins with a comprehensive introduction, explaining what the paper is all about and giving a chronological sequence of how the text shall unfold in subsequent sections. Later the author has reviewed the literature in detail that has been utilized and studied to ascertain theories applicable to this scenario and how they are helpful in analyzing the practices being followed by this hotel. The scholarly resources used have been elaborated and theories selected have been explained to give a bird’s eye view to the readers about evidences that already exist regarding the effects CRM has on customer loyalty. An overview of CRM procedures has been provided in this section and correspondingly broad definition has been discussed for customer loyalty. The subsequent section elucidates the methodologies that have been adopted and implemented by the author in conducting the entire research for this dissertation. The procedures carried out have been justified and their planned outcomes have been entailed. ...
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