Impacts Of Information Technology In Hospitality Industry.

Impacts Of Information Technology In Hospitality Industry. Essay example
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Executives today conduct e-conferences and e-meetings from the comforts of their rooms thanks to the advances in information technology. This growth and paradigm shift in the way business is conducted has also been witnessed in hospitality industries especially in the management and running of hotels (Koutroumanis, 2011).


Hospitality industries are one of the fastest growing industries globally, this has been attributed to the large number of client base that source their services. Hotels are omnipresent in almost every sphere and sector of the economy; as a result, they serve a wide variety of clients ranging from leaders on retreat, families, business meetings and travellers. The advances in technology have therefore played an integral role in the growth and developments of hotels and other related restaurant industries.
The changing consumer behaviour patterns in the global market have forced business executives to device new ways of satisfying the needs of the customers. The retention and building a strong customer base is the current headache for most hotel and restaurant managers mainly due to rapid changing face of the industry. Employment of information technology in ensuring that the dynamic customer needs is catered for will promote the growth of hotel industries (Khosrow-pour, 2002). Competitive advantage in this troubled economy is the desire of all industries. Developing products that appeal to the needs of the customers can be the first steps towards building a proper business advantage. Information technology therefore presents several avenues of improving service delivery and consumer satisfaction in hotel businesses (Koutroumanis, 2011).
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