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ART - Essay Example

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It also resembles more of a Southwest United States portrait because of its subject – a woman who is stringing beads. The braid on the woman also resembles a woman who would be living in this area of the United States during this period of time. What is also striking about this woman is that she is sexualized. This painting was painted in 1924, and perhaps the mores during this time in Europe was looser than in other places, especially the United States, but the nipple on this woman is almost dominating in the picture. But this is the only part of the picture that shows her to be a sexualized being, so it is striking that this part of the painting was so prominent. It is almost as if one is not supposed to take their eyes off of the woman's nipple. Beyond this, the colors and the lighting are extraordinary. The shadows and the light on the face show her features, and the same kind of light and shadows are on her hair that play up the dominant part in her hair. Her braids are also tinged with the same sort of light and shadows, all the way down. Her skin on her arms show the same. The shadows and the light are used to great effect to delineate and highlight what the painter wants us to see. The painting also does not necessarily reflect the realist movement. It is painted in broad brushstrokes that are not visible, and the features of the woman are almost in caricature. Her nose is pointed, more pointed than probably the actual woman had. This is not a picture of a woman as she really looks, but, rather, it is a picture of the woman as the painter wanted to portray her. It is a bit cubist, as noted above, but mostly reflects the southwest art movement that was prominent during this period of time. The geometric forms of this painting are not just in the way that the woman is portrayed, although these geometric forms are subtle, more subtle than a typical cubist painter, but also in other parts of the picture. This includes the stairs, which show sharp geometric patterns, and the wall behind her, that shows the same sorts of geometric patterns. There also is a certain sense of solidity in the form. This is not necessarily a fluid form, but one that is almost sculptural in the way that the form is portrayed. She is engaged in work, in that she is working with her beads, yet, this is not necessarily portrayed in this painting. It is as if she was captured perfectly still. This was a hallmark of this particular painter, especially during this period of time, as he was working with poses that were more stylized and solid, as opposed to fluid. Adrian Piper – Vote/Emote This next piece of art is an interesting mix between a Marcel Duchamp sort of Readymade and photography. Duchamp, with his Readymade art used everyday objects and displayed them as art. For instance, he might bring in a bicycle wheel and call it art, or a toilet. In this case, the Readymades would be the window boxes. These are everyday objects that would be found in a home, and they are presented as works of art. The light boxes are silk-screened, which gives the photographs behind them more of the feel of a painting. Yet, beyond the windows themselves, are clearly other works of art that resemble paintings and photographs. Behind one of the windows is clearly the black protest marches of the 1960s civil rights movement. It shows the African Americans marching on Washington, with a sign that says “ ...Show more
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Date Pictures Analysis of Artwork The Dressing Table The first picture is by Massimo Campigli. This picture is of a woman who is stringing beads together. This is a portrait that almost resembles the paintings that were done in the Southwest United States by individuals such as Frida Kahlo, but, at the same time, it shows the influence of Pablo Picasso…
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