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Vietnam War & Films - Essay Example

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Visual Arts & Film Studies
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Vietnam War & Films
Vietnam War films came in fame during the '80s, from being a movie theme that was still viewed as outlawed during the '70s. Films, such as Platoon and Metal Jacket turned the warfare into a popular theme for movies. …

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Vietnam War & Films

The movie is set in the background of the issues regarding Vietnam War’s prisoners and those missing in action; it shows Rambo discharged from detention center by national order to file the likely existence of prisoners of war in Vietnam, with the trust that he will not discover anything, therefore allowing the government to ignore the issue.
Rambo, a United States’ veteran from the Vietnam War, comes back to America and finds out that “for him nothing is as it used to be before the war” (Anderegg, p. 83, 1991). On a journey on the lookout for a military friend, he notices problem with a small city sheriff. Rambo is at first harassed by the sheriff and detained on fake blames of vagrancy. He works impulsively, overcomes all the protectors and escapes. Rambo has been working in a labor camp detention center when his former commander visits him and offers the opportunity to be freed from detention, but on condition of him going into Vietnam to look for American prisoners of war. Rambo meets an American civil servant who is in command of the operation and he informs Rambo that the American community is requiring information regarding the prisoners of war and they would like a skilled commando to step in and search for them. ...
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