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Fashion styles - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay aims to explore the styles of fashion. That fashion has since its inception been involved into the process of creation and confirmation of personal and social identities of people can be understood from the very definitions of both these terms…

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Fashion styles

The essay "Fashion styles" explores different styles in fashion. Amid constant changes and transformations that are ongoing in our modern feverish world most of us have developed a kind of antidote to such instability - ignorance of it, and attitude to rapid and often drastic changes in technological, social, economic, cultural and other realms of our life as to an inevitable characteristic of the development of human societies. While to a large degree this assumption is really true, nevertheless if we choose a path of ignorance we are destined to remain unaware of the actual causes that underlie and regulate many aspects of our life. And this lack of understanding, I would argue, is a real dander for the values that our society holds so dear, like liberty of thought and expression. Indeed, if we do not fully realise what makes us choose one or another thing in life, how can we pretend to be truly free? To see how these general considerations apply in reality, we may turn our attention to a phenomenon with which all the Western societies have been increasingly preoccupied during the last couple of centuries, and the significance of which grew in the twentieth century to the level when this phenomenon turned into the most powerful fetish of modernity. This profound phenomenon is fashion, and aside from its elevated status this field of human creativity by means of the continual changing of fashion styles perhaps in the most persuasive way serves as a manifesto of the constant change as a slogan of humanity. ...
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