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Films the Conversation and the Parallax view and its influence on the audience - Essay Example

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Author : omcdermott
Visual Arts & Film Studies
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Written and directed Francis Ford Coppola, "the Conversation" is a reflection of the underlying sense of distrust and the morality of wiretapping in the early 1970's America. The film’s central character Harry Caul is depicted as a guarded, secretive, paranoid and moralistic character. …

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Films the Conversation and the Parallax view and its influence on the audience

The Parallax Corporation is shown to have unlimited power. The question about Kennedy’s assassination and the Watergate scandal of 1974 are stark realities which proved general publics ignorance about constant threat to democracy and freedom. The scenes behind the Parallax Corporation where Frady undergoes some qualifying tests, reveals how patriotic values can be perverted and manipulated to serve a corrupt system. Both the movies released in the 70’s are influenced by the happening in America during that time period. While intrusion of privacy, wiretapping, lies, deceits at the highest level, fear psychosis in mind of the American public, were depicted in the Coppola movie “the Conversation” through the surveillance expert Harry, the Parallax View based on conspiracy theory drew its storyline from assassinations of J.F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Since both the movies drew their inspiration from real life situation, every image seen in the movies have the potential of affecting the audience greatly. Presenting the most dangerous and volatile political issues of the 1970’s in a lucid pattern, both the movies have earned critical acclaim. ...
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