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The "Fight Club"

Although one can argue that the narrator makes more use of his mental capacity as evidenced by his imagining Tyler to the point that he thinks Durden is a real person, in the Narrator’s mind it is still the use of the body thru fighting and having sex which is dominant. Furthermore, this also serves as proof to the disorganized thoughts of the person.An important matter that faces us now is how to make sense of the narrator’s creation of Tyler. Was he trying to project himself as a hero? Deep inside, was he actually a person fond of out-of-the-norm sexual practices? These are questions that must be addressed because these characteristics are for an Eros person and not for Thanatos.For sure, the Narrator made Tyler as a hero who gave meaning to the life of other persons. We argue that this is not the case. Tyler is a separate entity and not the narrator himself. It is not the Narrator consciously projecting himself as the hero. What the Narrator is actually committing was an act of transference where he transfers his reason or ‘consciousness’ to Tyler. Due to his desperation because of the flaws in his character, he tries to endow another person his consciousness and make that individual make the world know of his angst. Since Tyler was only a product of the subconscious and is therefore unreal and since the dominant behavior of the person is as the Narrator in real, conscious life, we can, therefore, say it was Tyler who was an Eros while the Narrator was a Thanatos. ...
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The following movie report entitled "The Movie "Fight Club" discusses the peculiarities of the above-mentioned film. As the author puts it, the Narrator from the film Fight Club is one such powerful representation of the psychological nature of our kind…
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