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Essay example - Critical Analysis of a Film

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Visual Arts & Film Studies
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For Stanley Kubrick, the idea of human contact with extraterrestrial life would be “incomprehensible within our earthbound time of reference” and that space exploration is more magnificent in the future (Kagan 146). Inevitably, his views on alien life and space exploration…

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“Space Odyssey” illustrates that human evolution is an epic that can be exemplified through the evolution of their technology, specifically technology that alien life inspired. The film argues that advanced alien and human technologies altogether ensure the continuation of the evolution of human race, although implications of dehumanization of humanity and humanization of technology affect the trajectory of human evolution.
“Space Odyssey” does not have any active movements during its first segment, “The Dawn of Man.” During this part, instead of the camera following the subjects, who are the ape-like hominids, people make sense of the story through the cuts that describe the austere environment and the existence of uncertainty for early hominids. The shots describe the vastness of the early conditions of earth and the competition for survival among hominids and between hominids and other animals. The lack of movement suggests that humanity is not moving or developing yet, and instead, they are frozen in time, until they go to the next step of their evolution.
The film starts using camera movements only during the shooting of the “future,” which suggests that human progress is only visible through their technological advancements. The title of the film stands for an allusion to Homer’s epic, which indicates that the film also intends to capture the epic of human evolution in the future. The emergence of camera movements in shooting the future suggests that this epic has not started in the absence of awareness that technology can be used to promote different purposes. Dolly shots and dolly zooms are applied when following the movements of the crew in outer space, beginning with the space travel of Dr. Heywood Floyd (William Sylvester). Kubrick also often pans the bodies of outer space technology, such as the space shuttle and the space station. Booker describes this as a way of “caressing” ...
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