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Surrealism in Art and Society

The paper "Surrealism in Art and Society" states the art society and the surrealism movement. It also includes art that pictured images of paradox and dream devised to change human perception of the world and the world, moreover, the goals of surrealism include revision of the human definition of reality by allowing the free flow of thought with the violation of literal convention in art. Surrealism has its roots from the movement founded by Andre Breton as an artistic and literal movement. However, it borrows plenty of its beliefs and practices from other fields that are not directly related t art. These include politics and psychological fields of society. Politically, surrealism professes communist beliefs following the First World War, its causes and its effects. On the other hand, practices and ideologies are borrowed from the works of Freud due to his assertions on the crucial role of sexuality in human issues. In the case of Freudian influence on surrealism, sexuality is embedded in the subconscious, which surrealists attempt to utilize to create their works of art; moreover, surrealism is defined as a form of automatism through which it intends to express verbally, in writing and by any other means. As a result, the use of the subconscious in artistic expression must not be limited by sociological and psychological reality, which allows surrealism to violate most conventions. Andre Breton is considered the father of surrealism in the entire world following is experimentation in the artistic field. ...
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The paper analyzes surrealism in the art society. Surrealism in the 20th century played a key role in the artistic and literal world by molding the past perception of the world and the future. The theme of surrealism manifests itself manifests itself in visually oriented arts…
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