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Article Review (advertising)

There are advertisements on the streets, on magazines, newspapers, debit or credit cards, televisions and radio stations, wall, buses, train stations, and all sorts of media forms. With this amount of advertisements, people are almost immune to their intended effect (Poynor, 2006). This paper aims to demonstrate that when people see the advertisements repeatedly, they get used to them, and become disinterested. Some of them may see the advertisements and assume they were intended for them to buy the product. Consumers get irritated and may no longer want to look at the adverts. Other consumers are now used to the advertisements, that they no longer consider them important. Take an example of an ATM card that a consumer uses for various purposes. The adverts printed on the card, like the brand names and logos, are expected to remind the customer, and entice others. These prints in the cards are no longer recognized, and consumers generalize such cards as either debit or credit cards, without much consideration of the brands, companies and difference in services (Poynor, 2006). The aim of advertisement has lost meaning. This paper will show this through a description of the effect of too many advertisements that people are exposed to, as described in Poynor’s article.
In order to show how the purpose of advertisement is lost, it is important to know the purpose of an advertisement. There are various purposes of advertisements. The common aim, however, is to inform the consumer about a service or a product, so that the consumer can purchase the product. This contributes to increased sales. Advertisements do more than just informing the consumer. Advertisement can serve as a means of convincing the consumer to buy the product, a means of reminding the consumer that the product or service still exists, and a way of showing off what the company has got, and educating the consumers about the product or service. Parameswaran (2004) indicates that ...
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Poynor’s article is a review of a film ‘Studio Smack’ by Thom Snels, Ton Meijdam, and Béla Zsigmond, which is about the number of advertisements…
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